Why Choose Proton Treatment

  • Precise and effective: Our experts have unmatched expertise in proton therapy, providing radiation treatment precise and effective enough to pinpoint tumors and minimize damage to healthy tissue.
  • Minimal side effects: Treatment is non-invasive and painless — many patients even continue their day as normal after their appointment.
  • Quick procedure: Your procedure will last only a few minutes, and you can expect your visit to last about an hour.
  • Proven results: Proton therapy has provided positive outcomes to patients like you for decades — and we’ve provided proton therapy longer than any other hospital in the world.

Quick Facts

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Learn More About Proton Therapy

Is Proton Therapy Right for Me?

There are many advantages to proton therapy that may make it the right choice for you. See the benefits our patients can expect — especially those with breast, lung, or prostate cancer.
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Proton Therapy Research

We continuously research ways to make proton therapy better for patients everywhere. Learn how our studies and clinical trials have improved treatment for patients like you.
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How Does Proton Therapy Work?

Advanced technology and decades of research make proton therapy possible. Learn how we create a tiny beam of protons, then turn it into a cancer-fighting treatment.
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“The commitment to whole person care — with an emphasis on health — sets the experience of the patient treated [here] apart from any other proton center.”