Cost of Proton Therapy and Accepted Insurance Providers

Offsetting the costs of proton cancer therapy a primary concern for both patients and LLUMC. This is why the Proton Treatment Center accepts insurance plans from 250 providers including Medicare and Medicaid. While most medical insurers will consider proton treatment on a case-by-case basis, our financial coordinators will provide further assistance in coordinating these sensitive financial matters. Proton therapy is typically covered by Medicare. Our financial coordinators can assist you in working with your insurance company to obtain authorization.

The Proton Treatment Center is ready to assist patients to explore potential assistance options. Contact our staff at 1-800-PROTONS for financial help today!

How Does the Cost of Proton Therapy Compare with Other Forms of Radiation and Surgery Used to Treat Cancer?

The long-term cost of a patient treated with proton therapy is far less than that of a patient treated with surgery or IMRT. That is because proton therapy patients experience less side effects and a better quality of life, and that reduces ongoing medical and societal costs associated with that patient. As for costs of the treatment itself, reimbursement from private health insurers varies depending on the insurance carrier as well as the type of proton center that administers treatment. There are different reimbursement rates associated with non-profit, hospital-based, academic medical centers and free-standing centers.  At some free-standing proton centers, the reimbursement for proton is at virtually at the same rate of reimbursement as IMRT. The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services only reimburses hospital-based, non-profit medical centers. Loma Linda University Medical Center is one of only three such centers in the United States.

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