What are the benefits of proton therapy for breast cancer patients?

Proton therapy is a relatively newer cancer treatment for early stage breast cancer, but it has already shown remarkable promise and advantages over conventional therapy in the treatment of breast cancer. The accuracy and low impact of proton radiation therapy is a non-invasive and low-risk option for breast cancer treatment used to destroy cancerous cells or tissue. Proton radiation treatment is extremely precise and therefore more effective at targeting cancerous cells without causing damage to surrounding breast tissue.

Proton therapy is not a substitute for a lumpectomy. Rather, it is an alternative to traditional radiation therapy. After the lumpectomy has been complete, a breast cancer patient would receive 10 days of proton treatment instead of three to four weeks of traditional radiation therapy.

Breast cancer patients benefit from non-invasive proton therapy treatment.

  • Proton treatment is noninvasive and painless
  • Proton therapy is effective for treating early stage breast cancer
  • Treatment offers quicker recovery times with minimal side effects
  • Causes less cosmetic damage compared with the burn marks caused by regular radiation
  • It is more accurate and precise than other kinds of radiation
  • Treatment is provided in an outpatient setting
  • Proton radiation has little to no impact on patient energy level