While receiving proton therapy treatment at the Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC) Proton Treatment and Research Center we offer a variety of ways to improve your overall health and well-being by staying connected and active.

LLUMC Proton Treatment Center patients have commented, “The treatment takes place in the treatment rooms, but the healing happens during the support groups, wellness classes and activities offered by Loma Linda University Medical Center.”


FREE Drayson Center Membership

The Drayson Center is our onsite fitness facility offering exercise classes, racquetball courts, and group activities. This includes full access to the equipment and pool while receiving treatment at the LLUMC Proton Treatment Center.

Support Groups

We offer a weekly support group for our patients and their families as they undergo proton therapy treatment. This is a forum where patients learn from guest speakers and from each other about cancer and proton therapy.

Social Activities

The LLUMC Proton Treatment Center plans a variety of social activities for proton patients undergoing treatment. These include weekly potlucks, restaurant tours, and weekend outings to local attractions. Patients often form lifelong bonds with other patients and families that last long after treatment ends. The James M. Slater, MD Proton Treatment and Research Center helps our patients stay connected through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Patients do not have to look far for something to do or some place to go. The City of Loma Linda is busy community of medical staff, students, and patients surrounding LLUMC. Loma Linda, meaning “beautiful hills,” is known as the center of health and wellness. The City of Loma Linda is layered with friendly neighborhoods, libraries, lush parks, and many community events such as the farmer’s market. The surrounding communities also have so much to offer. Find a list of activities under Patient Resources.

Nutritional Counseling

There are a variety of programs available to patients who want to learn about health and nutrition at Loma Linda University Medical Center. Programs include monthly cooking classes, personal counseling, and specific meal programs designed to lower cholesterol, reduce stress, and be healthy. Whatever your personal health and nutritional goals, we have programs that can be help you achieve them.